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Savannah Historical Figures

Mary Telfair
Mary Telfair

Daughter of Georgia Governor Edward Telfair. Known for her philanthropy that created the Telfair Academy of Arts and Science, the Georgia Historical Society’s Hodgson Hall, and the Telfair Hospital.

Johnny Mercer
Johnny Mercer

Beloved, award-winning Savannah lyricist who founded Capital Records and penned over a thousand songs.

Richard Arnold
Richard Arnold

Doctor and Mayor of Savannah who surrendered the city to Union Forces in 1864.

Josiah Tattnal

US Naval Officer who later became a Commodore in the Confederate Navy.

Noble Wymberly Jones

Original Colonist who came to Savannah in 1733 as a child and went on to become a founding doctor of The Georgia Medical Association.

Henry Rootes Jackson

Prominent lawyer, US Diplomat, Confederate Officer, and Poet.

Alexander Lawton

Lawyer, Politician, Diplomat, and Confederate General who commanded the local troops that seized Fort Pulaski in 1861.

Edythe Chapman Neill
Edythe Chapman Neill

Stage and silent film star known as “Hollywood’s Mother.”

Conrad Aiken

Novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet Laureate of Georgia.

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